Sunday 23 September 2012

Gardens by the Bay

I went to Gardens by the Bay at long last. When I first saw pictures of Gardens, I thought 'OMG AVATAR!' Don't those tree structures remind you of the avatar land?! Seriously, look long and hard and you'll see it. I told my companions this and they were like OH YEAAAA and we went searching for dragons.

It rained just as we were about to head to Gardens so when the rain stopped, the sky was still an ugly shade of gray. Now I know why people say Londoners feel gloomy due to their perpetual gray skies. So we didn't catch Gardens at its best, sadly. The pictures looked nothing like what I've seen. Or is it because I'm a lousy photographer...? But I can't be THAT bad right. Even my friend with his DSLR said his pictures looked plain. So ah well, maybe back to Gardens another day when the sky is a vast expanse of blue! Oh and we didn't manage to check out any of the domes this time. We found an EZlink pouch which belonged to a girl called Claudia and we started shouting 'CLAUDIA!!!!' around the park HAH it was hilarious. No Claudia came towards the sound of our voices so we returned it to the Gardens guard. I hope she found her pouch!

At least the view of Gardens at night was quite pretty! :)

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