Wednesday 27 March 2013

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh (Day 3)

Introducing my favourite bakery in Ho Chi Minh!! TA-DAAAAA~~~~~~ The bread here is so cheap and delicious!! Plus it's right next to my hotel. I bought bread like almost everyday. I later found out that this bakery won some TripAdvisor award woohoo.

So we bought a few pizza buns as... snack -_- on the bus ride to Cao Dai Temple and Cuchi Tunnels. The tour guide is quite hilarious and he speaks with a mix of Australian, British and American accent. He said that he got his accent from interaction with various tourists from all over the world. He said that through the years he has come to realise that there is no ONE English because even among native English speakers, English differs. This totally reminds me of the module I took two semesters back about 'What is Standard English'. There is none!

Really nice temple! We didn't stay for too long before heading off to Cuchi tunnels.

When you reach, you'll be shown this video documentary about the war and how the Vietnamese lived in the tunnels and fought against the enemies.

Look at the picture where everyone put their feet next to the tunnel entrance! THAT'S the real size of the tunnel back during the war... Boy is it small or what, I doubt even a kid can fit in there now. Then we went to experience climbing through the tunnel "which has been enlarged for our Western friends" as the tour guide puts it haha. It was pretty small still, you have to duck walk and it was dimly lit. Not suitable for claustrophobics! I was the first to go in haha and it was quite an experience! I think the Cuchi tunnels are definitely worth a visit though I might want to skip the temple.

Then it was time to head back to HCM on a long 3/4 hours bus ride. We had dinner at this place called Mon Hue recommended by a local and the food was great and pretty cheap! I think this is Hue cuisine. We ordered Bún bò Huế (Hue Noddles), Bánh nậm (Steamed cake) and Chè nhãn boc hot sen (Lotus longan seed drink). I really liked the steamed cake!! It tasted a bit like chee cheong fun but smoother and it just melts in your mouth! Very delicious. :)

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