Saturday 18 May 2013

Taiwan: Zhongli

Packed my stuff and started my 18 days trip around Taiwan! After 4-5 hours on the plane, we reached Taoyuan airport at 5am.. Only slept for about 1 plus hours on the flight so I was really tired when we landed. We were also starving because almost nothing was open at the airport.Our first destination was Zhongli, a city near Taoyuan. A couple from CouchSurfing offered to host us for a night there before we travel to Taichung.

We bought a one day unlimited pass to travel around Zhongli (NT100), the bus interval is once per hour. Dropped at Ci Hu (慈湖) after quite a long ride. The bus uncle asked if I wanted to feed the fish with him so we went to the lake and threw bread crumbs for the fish. Very fun to see them swim towards you and fight for the bread crumbs. And the ducks were super cute! They would swim towards us and catch a big piece of bread that the bus uncle threw and then bring it back to their nests. The lake was very peaceful and quiet.

Dasi old street (大溪老街) is actually just a street of eateries, the architecture is quite unique though.

Met up with our host and he brought us to Zhong Yuan Night Market (中原夜市). I think it's inevitable to end up eating alot in Taiwan... Tried fried smelly tofu! But according to our host, the fried version is not as smelly as the soup version. And I think it's true because I didn't find the smelly tofu very smelly..

That was the end of the first night in Taiwan! Our hosts were super awesome and they really looked after us. Really lucky to have met them. :)

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