Monday 28 April 2014

Auckland, New Zealand III: Waiheke Island

Yup. I love island hoping. After Rangitoto Island, I decided to go to Waiheke Island. I brought a pair of monthly contact lenses for the trip and I LOST IT after the second night. -_- I sat at the top deck even though the wind was so uncomfortably strong that I couldn't open my eyes and my hair was just all over my face.. I sacrificed comfort for the amazing view.

Waiheke Island is the second largest island and it's the most populated. I wanted to stay over for a night but I didn't want to keep moving hostels every day. However, after exploring Waiheke Island for a day, I really regret not staying a night. So if you're in Auckland and you like beautiful scenery/beaches, I highly recommend you to stay over at Waiheke Island for at least a night.

Upon reaching the ferry terminal, I was quite lost as to where I should go. I decided to follow this group of people who were on some walking/hiking tour. I later found out that I was on the coastal walk to Owhanake Bay. The path which is just a narrow strip of barren ground goes up and down and around the hills, I almost slipped and rolled down the hill twice when I had to walk across this whole hill of hay and hay is super slippery! I also had to push through bushes, branches and overgrown weed. It was a pretty challenging but fun walk and the view (OH THE VIEW) is out of the world. Personally, I think that Waikehe island is more beautiful than Rangitoto since Waiheke is further away from the city, it is surrounded by smaller islands so what you see is a gorgeous expanse of blue sky, blue water and green islands.

This walk enables you to take in as much of the island as possible without venturing too far from the ferry and Oneroa Village. It provides stunning views out over the Hauraki Gulf and to inland parts of western Waiheke (via

I met a French-speaking Swiss couple on the way and they told me that was their third day back on the island because there are so many walks and each one offers an entirely different scenery. It just made me regret not staying over even more!

After about three hours, I reached Oneroa beach and I sat on a tree trunk to take a break and write in my diary.  Oneroa beach is a lot smaller than I imagined but it was so clean and needless to say, the water is a gorgeous blue. I had a romantic stroll along the beach singing 'All by myselffff' haha I kid.

I walked out to Oneroa Village and what a cute little seaside village it is. I continued walking down Ocean view road to Church Bay road where the wineries are. Then I felt it was time to head back to the ferry terminal so I tramped back to Matiatia Bay via Church Bay. I climbed up this field where two horses were feeding, walked through a rather spooky forest path and climbed up another hill dotted with sheep. I waved hello to the sheep but they stared blankly back to me. The clouds were looking rather threatening by then so I hastened. The trip from Church Bay back to Matiatia Bay took about two hours and I was really glad that the rain didn't come.

Till next time, Waiheke island.

How to get there?
Take a ferry from Auckland ferry terminal for NZD32.40.

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