Sunday 6 July 2014

Wellington, New Zealand: One day in Welly

I only had one day in Wellington since I fractured my arm and missed my bus but that's another story. Thank goodness my bag was just 7kg though since I could only carry it with one shoulder, pros of travelling light!! I managed to exchange my top bunk with the guy on the bottom bunk, he even changed the mattress for me, so nice. I'm forever thankful for the kind people I met.

I went to Te Papa museum and spent almost the whole morning there. It reminded me of the Natural History Museum in London. There was a section about Maori culture which was pretty interesting.

Is that a statue of a boy peeing into the sea??

I walked to the foot of Mount Victoria but you can take a bus there then climbed up the mountain. I think the painkillers that the doctor gave me in Napier must be really strong because I wasn't in pain at all and managed to climb up without much trouble. It was really inconvenient though, having a sling and my neck ached from the weight of my arm.

The view up on Mount Victoria wasn't the best I've seen.. since Wellington is after all a big city. But then again, it's a matter of perspective ;) I had a nice time resting there and looking at planes passing overhead.

Next on my list was to go to take the Wellington Cable Car up to the Botanic Gardens. The cable car has been around for 112 years! I took it because I thought the cable car looked really cute but alas it was a very short journey, not the most exciting, plus you don't see anything out of the windows except concrete walls.. sounds as if I'm dissuading anyone from going but it is the fastest way to get to the Botanic Gardens from the central. I explored the Botanic Gardens for a bit before it started raining. It wasn't too big but there were some nice flowers and plants to admire. Nice walk I would say.

Then I walked back to the hostel and called it a day. I thought one day was enough for me in Wellington because I didn't go to New Zealand for the city, I went there for the nature!

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