Friday 7 November 2014

Applying for Myanmar Visa in Singapore

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1) Go to and click on the date you want to go down and apply for your Visa. The dates are available two weeks in advance so it's a good idea to apply early in case the slots are full. After you fill in your particulars, you'll be given a queue number.

*You cannot get a queue number at the embassy, you MUST get it online.

2) Prepare the following items:
- Print out the appointment letter (sent to your email)
- Print out and fill up the Visa application form (sent to your email)
- One photocopy of your Identification Card (front and back)
- One photocopy of your passport (the page with your photo)
- Two recent passport sized photographs (you can take it there for $6, 6 pieces)
- The cost of the Visa is SGD35 but there's an administration fee of SGD10. So prepare SGD45 in CASH, no NETS or Cards accepted there.

3) Go down to the embassy from 8 am to 12 noon. You will wait for your number at counter 8 and counter 9 if you missed your number.

The letter tells you to be there at 8 am but actually you can go there later. I forgot to bring my passport (yes I can't believe myself too) so I went home to get it and reached at 10plus. The difference was that there was a slight queue at 10plus.

4) After handling the staff the documents, she'll keep your passport and give you a receipt and tell you to come back at 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

You can also choose to collect it another day but I'd think it's better not to leave your passport there for too long.

5) Go for a coffee, movie, lunch, read a book, shop and then head back at 4pm. When we reached at 4.30pm, there was already a queue. But thankfully it moved quite quickly so we didn't have to wait for too long.

6) You'll get back your passport, check your details and that the Visa is valid for THREE months.

How to get to Myanmar Embassy
- Take the train to Orchard MRT, ION exit.
- Walk via underpass to Wheelock.
- Walk towards FORUM/Tanglin Mall.
- Just before you reach Tanglin Mall, turn right into St Martin's Drive.
- Walk down the road and the Embassy is on your left.

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