Wednesday 4 February 2015

I remember...

A poem I wrote recently.

I remember the sound of the train, like an iron horse.
I remember the overly excited flowers outside the windows.
I remember the taste of stale corns and sweet potatoes that I filled my tummy with.
I remember the exciting conversations I had with the local travellers.
I remember the curious looks from the children at the platforms.
I remember the waves I received from them, their joyful faces and carefree spirits.
I remember the rotatable seats, facing the windows as if we were watching a high definition movie.
I remember everyone fishing out their cameras when we were near the famous bridge.
I remember asking "What's happening?=
I remember trying to catch the sunrise and forgoing sleep.
I remember the overwhelming smell of the toilets.
I remember going in more than once.
I mean, what choice do I have, I was on an 11 hour train ride.


  1. 您的照片和文字令我想起一年前的緬甸之旅,部落格内的旅遊分享都很棒。繼續加油!