Thursday 12 January 2012

China: Xu Zhou

We reached Xuzhou 徐州 quite late at night so decided to have dinner and go to bed. The hotel was not as great as the one in Shanghai but it was pretty good! Look at the cute slippers they provided!! Hehe.

Had a pretty early breakfast at this place that serves 'sha' soup. It originated from pheasant soup, invented by the ancestor of cooks in China named Pengzu. Originally made with pheasant chicken and corn, now its material has become a mixture of eel, wheat kernels, kelp, gluten, and pepper. It is mainly sold on mashi street during breakfast and dinner time.

We went to a tomb of a Han king, I was fascinated! There were many rooms made for the dead king, kitchen, bathrooms, storerooms of jewels and gold... There was also a concubine and a middle aged man buried alive with the king. And of course, there were the terra-cotta warriors! These warriors and horses were a lot smaller than the one you usually see on TV, those big ones are located in Xi'an I think.

Xuzhou museum was more interesting than the Shanghai one; maybe because we had a guide along with us so instead of just randomly browsing, we got to know more about the exhibits. I think the history of China is incredible, simply because it has SUCH a long history.


Lunch was at this beautiful restaurant located at the edge of the lake so we were in a sort of pavilion and could view the lake through the windows. FINE DINING AT ITS BEST!! :3

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