Tuesday 1 May 2012

Korea: Seoul (Day 1 + 2)

Spent almost the whole day on the plane, flew for about 1 hour to KL, then had a very pathetic lunch at the transit area. Went back up the plane to begin our flight to Korea. I bought a book to keep me company but it didn't help much. I was SO restless and bored! I guess the next time I take flights without inflight entertainment, I need an ipad. Anyway, finally touched down at Korea Incheon Airport at about 10pm Korea time. We went to the information counter and they helped us call the guesthouse (Incheon Airport Guesthouse) we booked. They came pretty fast and within 5 mins we were at the guesthouse. The room was big, we had with 3 beds! Two of them were a bit hard but not too bad. There was en suite shower and even a kitchen! How cool. But I think nobody really used the kitchen so it was rather old and dirty. Nonetheless, I was impressed hah. No wifi in the room, only at the basement. The owner is very friendly and speaks pretty good English.

The next morning, we took the shuttle bus provided by the guesthouse back to Incheon Airport and took the subway for about an hour to Seoul Station then transferred line to reach Myeongdong. Found Yun Guesthouse after a bit of detour but the receptionist totally ignored us and continued sleeping! -_- So we walked downwards and found another guesthouse (Namsan 3 Guesthouse) to check in. It looks better, safer and nearer to the subway. Plus, the receptionists are so much friendlier and more HELPFUL! We left our luggage there and headed off to Ehwa woman's university to do some shopping. Had jajangmyeon and jangppong for lunch, JJM was awesome and Jangppong was really spicy. After a while, we went back to the guesthouse to get some rest since we woke at 5am this morning, so we had less than 5 hours of sleep. The room we had at Namsam Guesthouse 3 was small, fitting 3 mattresses and comes with an en suite bathroom, almost less than half the size of the room at Incheon airport guesthouse but at least it's cosy and clean with good staff. Went out for dinner to hunt for a bibimbap shop but it was closed, so we ate this beef hotpot thing and bibimbap. So. much. beef. Returned to the guesthouse and ended the day with some masks haha.

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