Wednesday 18 July 2012

Malaysia: Genting

Early morning, she wakes up.. Knock knock knock on her door. It's time to wake up, perfect smile, it's you they've all been waiting for... And isn't she lucky to be selected by Nuffnangggg.. She is so lucky to be going Gentingggg.. For a 3 days trip with Ladyironcheffff.

Hah! Okay end bad of bad singing.

Day 1:
So we went to Golden Mile Complex for the coach to Genting! I think I over packed for the trip or rather my toner, moisturizer, etc are super huge and really heavy..

The coach was FAB, A+! The seats were super comfortable and you have ample leg room. I usually get motion sickness if I travel for too long, but I felt none of that during this ride! I felt like I was on a plane cos I sat right infront ohoho. Plus there is a leg rest and the chair can be adjusted so you can sleep comfortably. But for me, I watched Captain America and Adventures of Tintin on the bus! Who needs sleep when you have love on-board entertainment. :{D

As the bus was driving up the winding road, two things were on my mind: "I'm a step closer to the sky!! SO BEAUTIFUL *stretches out hands*" and "altitude sickness.." Hahaha! My lecturers would be proud that I still remember that from two semesters ago.

WE ARE HEREEE!!! At long last.

Our hotel room was pretty small with a '60s TV. But the toilet was clean (veryyyy important!) and the cleaning staff was nice.

We had lunch at 'Curry in a Hurry', cute name but rather expensive. The food was not too bad though, I liked the fried sotong. We walked around to digest our food and I saw so many exciting things to do (besides the indoor and outdoor theme parks)! Massage, spa, Freeze (an ice skating show!), Haunted house ride, Ridley's Believe it or Not, Little Prince/Haunted Mine 4D show.. And of course, shopping! I've already made my first purchase: scarf (a weakness because I don't need a scarf in Sg).

Dinner was at Genting Palace, I was soooo looking forward to it woohoo!

This was how dining with a bunch of bloggers look like.

Special Four Variety "Jiang Nan" Platter (江南叁色贡品). Salad on the left, fish balls in the center and fried prawn balls on the right.

Double-Boiled Clear Chicken Soup with American Ginseng (高湯花旗參燉雞) which was SO SO SO DELICIOUS. The soup was really tasty, the chef told us he had to boil it for half a day.

Spices Baked Village Chicken (香料焗馬來雞) was mad good!!! It was juicy but not too oily, tasty cos of the rosemary and other spices. The Chef dropped by to talk to us, he's so friendly and nice! I sat at the same table with Brad (Ladyironchef), Chef, Kenix, Christine and Carol (the ladies from Genting who made this trip possible :D).

Steamed Red Snapper with Preserved Vegetable & Shredded Meat (雪里紅肉絲蒸紅槽魚). Another wonderfully done dish. I ate a lot of this. Seriously, the food we had today were all heavenly..!

Pan-Fried White Prawns with Mild Spicy & Sweet Chilli Sauce (干煎辣子爆明蝦). Sedap! The sauce was good enough by itself haha.

Braised Baby Abalone & Sea Cucumber with Bean Curd & Garden Green (海參鮑魚仔碧玉時蔬) I loved the sea cucumber and I love my veggies ha. I'm not a big fan of abalones because I think they're tasteless and I feel like I'm chewing on rubber but these baby abalones didn't give me that feeling ;) And the friendly chef told us how to cook the veggies so that they won't turn yellow.

Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage and Yam (臘腸芋香炒飯). I fell in love with this immediately! So fragrant was this that I wanted to pack everything home.. *shifty eyes*

Dessert timeeee! Chilled Sweetened White Fungus with Red Dates & Lotus Seeds (滋潤雪耳紅棗蓮子羹) I was actually hoping for yam paste but this was delightful to have on a chilly night! Plus, this is great for skin I presume? Heh ;)

Soften Glutinous Balls stuffed with Mango & Cream (香芒雪眉娘). These cute lime green balls were some sort of moichi? The skin tasted similar but they were stuffed with mango cream. And I adored the colour! Don't they make you so happy? :D

After dinner we wanted to catch Ice Age 4 3D but the show was a little too late for our liking, long day tomorrow! So we headed to the Casino to check it out. Only managed to take one photo because the staff told me very nicely not to take photos inside. There were a lotttt of people and we were getting tired.. So that was the end of the first day!

Day 2
Missed the sunrise aw cos we slept till 8am. I had a very good night's sleep, even though the room was small, the bed was really comfortable! :)

I went to catch The Little Prince 4D show (RM8), the animation was really good! I love the floating sheep SO CUTE. The storyline was very adorable and the 4D effect was great too! Definitely recommended for those who enjoy the 4D experience.

Brunch buffet at Resort Cafe which is RM43++ per pax. Really worth it because you get Indian/Malay cuisines on one side, International spread on the other, a salad bar and a huge selection of desserts.

International spread


Indian/Malay cuisines (Too full for more, though the curries looked really appetizing!)


Desserts + Fruits

Red bean soup

I think I've almost tried everything available haha and I must say it's really worth it for S$25 (thereabouts)! I was super bloated at the end of the buffet..

Then off we went to Strawberry + Lavender + Mushroom farms (entry is free). We wanted to hand pick some strawberries but I think we were too late, only the small ones are left. :( but not to worry, they sell fresh strawberries at RM15 a box (300g) which is actually cheaper than if you hand pick them haha (handpicked strawberries are RM6 for 100g. We bought two boxes yum. :d

There is a newly opened lavender farm beside the strawberry farm. Don't be fooled though, the purple flowers are NOT lavenders! Haha lavenders are the green ones because they aren't flowering yet.

Isn't this purple shop so sweet? I wanna paint my room this shade of purple next time. :D

Then we headed to the strawberry cafe where they sell strawberry-flavoured food. Strawberry milk tea, ice cream, waffles.. There's even strawberry chicken wings o.o I didn't try any because I was still extremely full from lunch. There is also a strawberry giftshop, strawberry umbrellas, softtoys, keychains, hairbands, hats, etc etc. Oh there's also a bee museum next to the cafe where you can purchase honey. :)

Following the sign boards, we reached the mushroom farm. I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!

There were a lot of small shops selling merchandises, souvenirs and snacks along the path. We stopped at a fruits store and bought coconut to cool down. I usually don't like any desserts with coconut, so I assumed that I wouldn't like the fresh one too. But it wasn't too bad, very refreshing! I'm worried about how I'm gonna have buffet dinner later.. ~_~

Well apparently I still had stomach for buffet.. But my stomach was rather unhappy being stuffed to the brim :( sorry tummy, diet when I get back to Sg (hopefully, that's what I keep saying these days sighhh)! There were even more food in this buffet at Coffee Terrace! Just look!

My eyes immediately lit up when I saw the dessert selection. *_*

Food.. Food and more Food..!!! Oh my gawddd, I hope I can fit into my clothes tomorrow but I gobbled these down SUPER happily.

After dinner, we headed off to the concert hall for Fang Da Tong's concert woohoo! We got a free poster and a light stick! I sat next to Stephanie and I think we were the only two constantly waving our light sticks among the bloggers XD 自high ftw.

He is so talented! He can play classical/acoustic (I can't tell the difference), electric guitar, harmonica, piano and yea sing! But ok I gotta admit I'm not entirely sure of all the songs he sang and he spoke mainly in Cantonese which I don't understand! :( but I still like Love Song the best, 爱爱爱 was good too and he even sang Wonderful Tonight (my all time favourite oldie)!! 8D

His guest performer was Fiona, they sang a duet together (四人游) and then she performed one of her new songs. She's really pretty and her voice was nice!

And since it was Fang Da Tong's birthday, we all sang the Happy Birthday song! He looks SO CUTE in this photo!!! :D :D :D

When the concert ended, Kenix managed to get us backstage and we took a group photo with Fang Da Tong! Sadly before I could say Happy Birthday to him or shake his hand, we were rushed out aww. But at least I was just 1m away from a celeb woohoo! I was really drained by this time and headed off to my room to call it a day.

Day 3:
Last day at Genting! :( Started the day with dim sum for breakfast at Genting Palace. :d

Porridge Of The Day (時日香滑粥). Loved its smoothness, I can find no fault with it.

Deep-fried Yam Puff (蜂巢脆芋角) was very good too! Okay, everything was amazing, I'm running out of vocabulary to describe their awesomeness. D:

Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce (豉汁蒸排骨) was a little too fatty for my liking...

Cheong Fun With Crispy "You Char Kway" (粉皮炸兩卷). LOVE IT.

Steamed Loh Mai Kai (古式糯米雞). I didn't eat too much of this because this would fill me up really quickly and I needed as much room as possible in my tummy!

Steamed Bean Curd Skin Roll (腐皮鮮竹卷). This dish is normally deep fried, so I was kind of surprised it came out looking like this haha. Not too bad but I still prefer the deep fried version. :P

Steamed Golden San Pau (香滑流沙包), everyone went crazy!! Haha.

Steamed Char Siew Pau (蜜汁叉燒包). The bun was SO soft! I think this might be one of the best roasted pork buns I've had so far.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling and Steamed Siew Mai Dumpling (水晶鮮蝦餃 和 魚子蒸燒賣). Siew mai was not very memorable but prawn dumplings were great!

Assorted Dry Noodles (什錦乾炒麵).

Baked Egg Tarts (烤酥皮蛋撻).

After the superb breakfast, we went back to the room to rest a while before going to the lobby for our coach back. I didn't manage to make friends with ALL the bloggers on this trip sadly but I did meet some nice girls and guys. :)

We bought sweet potato chips at the pit-stop of our bus ride home. I finished a pack of chips and strawberries while watching Tangled (still loving it), Smurfs movie (they are so cute!!! :o La La La La La~) and a bit of In Time (cool storyline, might go finish it if I remember).

And THAT was the end of my Genting trip with Nuffnang!! This has got to be the longest blog post to date, phewwww. It was a wonderful weekend retreat and I really enjoyed myself! :) Thank you to all who made this trip possible!

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