Monday 9 July 2012

Malaysia: Johor Bahru

Started the day really early at 6am and headed to Kranji mrt to take a van to Horse Valley in Johor Bahru.

We reached the stables and were greeted by super cute and friendly dogs! For starters, we went for a slow walk around Horse Valley. My horse was a black stallion! I would have been happier if they brought out a white horse haha.

After that round, we got off and tried to trotting plus a bit of galloping. Trotting was really painful for the butt haha. Galloping was rather scary at first because you can't control the horse completely. Other sports, say windsurfing which I tried recently, you're the only one with a brain (though you can't control wind as well). And guess what! I FELL off the horse! Because the strap we were supposed to hold on to snapped so with a thud I landed on my butt. Thankfully I didn't get injured, just a small scratch on my palm. The uncle teaching us hurriedly went to change the saddler and I tried again.. I guess it couldn't be helped that I was more nervous this time, once bitten twice shy! But after a while looking at everyone ride, I was determined to give it another go and this time it was soooo much better! :D so it was a good end to our horse riding trip.

We got onto the van at about 11.45am to head off for lunch. I thought we'd be getting a buffet or something but nah, we got bar chor mee. At least it was pretty good. After lunch the van was supposed to take us back to Kranji and that was the end of the day.. But we didn't want the trip to end so soon so decided to go catch The Amazing Spiderman! The last movie I watched was at the start of May gosh.

Spiderman 3D and popcorns woohoo! :D The movie was gooood, and I cried like 2 times. I get all teary when good old folks die or good old house elf.

"High tea"..? Hahaha.

We were all pretty beat by this time and off we head back to Singapore. Great day trip! ;)

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