Saturday 19 October 2013

Paris, France IV: So you think Paris is beautiful...

...wait till you see it at night. It's absolutely stunning.

Met up with Q and a new friend I picked up from the Montmartre walking tour and we went searching for the authentic French restaurant our guide recommended (thought of the day: but we were in Paris! Shouldn't all restaurants be authentic?). It's called Le Petit Saint Benoit, located near Saint-Germain-des-Prés metro station. It took us quite a while to hunt it down. It's a small cosy diner and the service was impeccable. There was this main waiter (or maybe he's the owner?) who kept going from table to table making sure everyone was comfortable and satisfied. He was very nice and patient with us since we (by we, I meant Q) tried to converse with him in French and you can see that he appreciated our effort.

We had French onion soup (which was too salty for me) and escargot for starter. Barbequed rabbit meat with rice and capsicum, beef tartare and duck confit for mains. Beef tartare was a totally new experience for me because I don't eat raw meat. I don't even eat medium rare meat. So when it was placed in front of me, I mustered up my courage and took a forkful. The first two or three bites were still fine, but I couldn't take it anymore after that. I felt so squirmish! My companions finished up the dish slowly. First time having rabbit meat as well and it tasted like chicken. This was my favourite dish of the night though the potatoes that came with the duck confit were heavenly. For dessert, we had cheese with honey (left) and dark chocolate in vanilla (right). Both came looking like nothing we thought. The cheese with honey was rather special. I've never had such cheese before, it was so smooth, tasted like plain yogurt.

Despite ordering so much, the bill was only EUR22 per person. Give it a try if you're in Paris!

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