Thursday 31 October 2013

Surviving Paris: 5 things you should know

#1 Free WiFi at Charles de Gaulle Airport is only 15 minutes. Use wisely.

#2 After stepping out of the airport, go to the rail station and take the RER train to Gare du Nord. My ticket was EUR9.50 and non-stop. There's a ticket machine where you can buy the tickets but just to be safe, you can queue up to purchase them at the counter (they have an English counter). After Gare du Nod, switch to the metro to get to your hostel. Metros are easy, I love metros.

#3 You can buy 10 one way tickets for EUR13.30. Individual one way tickets are EUR1.70 each and they are not distance based. BUT if you're under 25, you can get the weekend unlimited travel ticket for EUR3.65. So as long as you are going to take 3 rides, it's worth getting the weekend ticket. And there are many zones you can choose from, zone 1-3 is enough since all the main attractions are in zone 1. I got a zone 1-5 weekend pass for my day trip to Provins (EUR7.85). You can get it over counter or via the ticket machine.

#4 When eating in restaurants, say "une carafe d'eau s'il vous plaƮt" to get free tap water. Or else they might give you bottled water which cost a few extra euros.

#5 Starting your questions with "Excusez-moi" or "Pardon" will help get the locals' attention more. It doesn't matter if you switch immediately back to English after that, hey, you tried! The French are really proud of their language so they'll appreciate your effort.

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