Friday 8 November 2013

London, England II: Bridges, museums, musicals and free ice cream

Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Tower Bridge was beautiful but I still prefer the bridges in Paris. Maybe because bridges in Paris are mostly pedestrian while this one had cars zooming past, so you can't really explore every nook and cranny. Besides, I really liked how there were artists and street performers on the bridges in Paris. I didn't enter the Tower of London because it would blow my budget for the day (£21.45 for adults/£18.15 for students) and I doubt it would be more beautiful than Provins (OK OK, enough of Paris).

National History Museum (free entry!) which is just behind my hostel is  is incredible, a rock isn't just a rock there and an owl isn't just an owl.  The main hall with the dinosaur skeleton model reminded me so much of a movie but I can't quite put on my finger on it. Night at the Museum? Harry Potter? Anyway I met the Korean whom I saw in the hostel earlier at breakfast this morning. He thought I was Korean too and spoke to me in Korean. I was happily pretending to be one until he asked for my Korean name which was when I decided to come clean. Even though my replies were slow and sentences were a little grammatically wrong, I passed! Haha.

Just my luck! Passed by a free Ben & Jerry's truck!! And the best part was that there were only 10+ people in the queue. I've never queued up for the Free Cone Day back in Singapore, the queue is too crazy. While I was enjoying my free cup of ice cream, this girl asked jokingly one of the B&J organizer if there was any way to win a free tub. So he spontaneously held a 'challenge' for her! HOW NICE. If she could balance 6 tubs of ice cream on top of her head while holding onto the bottom tub, she could bring home a tub. Then another girl said she wanted to try as well, he said this time it had to be 8 tubs. When she was at her 6th tub, he tickled her or something and the tubs fell. She still got to take home a tub though. My friend suggested that I try too so I approached him. I balanced 8 tubs and he gave me 2 tubs of Blondie Brownie wheee. :d

Wicked. I had a hard time choosing between Lion King (my favourite Disney cartoon) and Wicked but decided on Wicked since a lot of people said that it was worth watching. I bought my tickets at tkts booth which apparently has the best musical prices if you are lucky. I wasn't so lucky so I got average priced tickets and middle row seats. Wicked was alright.. I wasn't blown away. I mean I did enjoy it, just not like WOAH *JAW DROP*. Perhaps I was too tired/sleepy after walking for the whole day non-stop. But you should definitely watch a musical or two if you're in London!

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