Monday 11 November 2013

London, England III: Ally can(not) cook!

HI PADDINGTON! *hug hug kiss kiss* He's one of my childhood friends and I'm really glad to meet him in London! He's already 55 years old, but still looking as young as ever ;)

The beautiful Hyde Park. As you walk deeper and deeper in, the sound of traffic gradually disappears and you're left with the sound of calm, peace and tranquillity. Close your eyes and tune in to Nature's own symphony - the rustle of the leaves and grass, the chirping of the birds and the swishing of the wind. I adore it here, a place where time seems to tick a second slower, a minute later. I sat down on the bench next to the lake and watched the ducks, swans flock towards the breadcrumbs. An Englishman and an old lady sat down next to me for a small chat. Then a Chinese man started talking to me because he was bored waiting for his friend and also because he missed speaking in Mandarin. HAH.

Met my new Korean friend in the hostel and we went grocery shopping! Oh how I love grocery shopping and pushing the cart around. It was a spontaneous idea to cook dinner. We bought a huge pack of mixed vegetables, canned beef and instant herb rice. I've never cooked in a hostel before, I found it quite fun! The fried vegetables became soup because there wasn't oil in the hostel so I thought "Never mind, I can put a little water and then simmer the vegetables!" But somehow, I poured in too much and the vegetables released their own water, then I put in too much salt so had to add even more water... So yes, I turned it into soup. I burst out laughing when my friend went "Is this how Singapore fried vegetables is like?" HAHAHA. And there's another story about the canned beef. The can opener was extremely old, it couldn't open the can properly, it only made a hole here and there. So we had to resort to using scissors to pry the can open. Not very successful, took us a longggg time to get it open. Then I pour it out and put it into the microwave. I followed the instructions and set it to the specified temperature and time (ok fine, I set it a little higher and a little longer). When I opened the microwave... the beef kind of 'exploded' in the microwave! It was splattered all over, looked really bad but smelled really good! Haha. By the time we finished cooking, we were famished. Gobbled up everything and were filled to the brim. Even though almost everything went wrong, it was really fun!

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