Friday 3 January 2014

Prague, Czech Republic III: The Lesser and The New

The Lesser Town is located at the foot of Prague Castle. You see that white building with the jade top in the last photo? That's yet another St. Nicholas Church, the other being in Old Town Square. And they look so similar! Got me confused when I was sorting photos for the post. The pictures of the church interior look beautiful which made me realise I didn't enter any of the buildings in Prague.

If you walk down the side of Charles Bridge before entering through the Lesser Town tower, you'll find yourself in a small square. Keep walking and you'll reach the Lennon Wall. When I first saw the wall, I thought I saw 'LAKSA!' and I had to do a double take (Laksa is a dish in Singapore/Malaysia). Láska means Love by the way. There's also a love lock bridge in Prague, though a small one, in front of th Prague water goblin.

Instead of taking a tram back to the hostel, I decided to walk and that led me to Wenceslas Square in New Town. Well "new" town because it was actually founded by Charles IV in 1348, following his coronation as king under the Holy Roman Empire. The pink building in the first picture is the Palladum Shopping Centre and it's really modern inside, check out the pictures. I didn't go in because I had no clue what building it was when I passed by, I just thought it looked nice and grand. #consofnotplanningbeforehand?

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