Friday 24 January 2014

Tyrol, Austria: Hallo Austrian Alps!!

I was really sad I couldn't visit Swiss Alps during my trip because of time and budget so my friend brought me to the Austrian Alps instead! And it was aaaamazing. I love the mountains, the lake, the blue, the green, the huge dandelions (I had SO MUCH fun picking them and blowing them), the fields of wild flowers, the forests, the trees, oh Tyrol, how beautiful art thou. Tyrol is a well-known place for skiing, one day I'll be back for that.

I went for walks, ate typical Austrian meals, chilled out on a hammock in the back garden with the family cat, had wine and cheese in the evenings as the sun sets, cycled around town, etc. And I finally had some nice photos of me because my friend is a really good photographer! One con of travelling alone, NOBODY TO TAKE PHOTOS FOR YOU. I mean yes you can ask passers-by but how good the photos turn out will be subjected to their photography skills and I'm sure you won't bug a person to take multiple shots for you till you get the perfect angle, frame, lighting. As G said, one memory of travelling alone is your ugly self shots. HAHA true words.

What I wake up to every morning. ;)

Traditional Austrian houses are really beautiful aren't they? Look at all the wood! And how special the windows are!

P.S. Most of the photos on this post were taken by my friend.

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